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Early in human existence people learned that their individual efforts often fell short of success. They found that they were unable to accomplish many tasks that require more than individual effort. Therefore the necessity of group activity was discovered relatively early in human existence. Group activity could be aimed at some higher, more complex set of goals and could thus bring greater benefits to all concerned. This quality of group activity must be counted as one of the chief requirements for success. Cooperation is a prime element of a group of people who want to achieve more than they can acting individually. A system of group relationships built upon and fostering cooperation, then, is basically the meaning of an organization. Thus, organization is an open, dynamic, purposeful social system of cooperation designed to enhance individual effort aimed at goal accomplishment. It consists of the human element, the physical element, the work element, and the coordination element; transforms resources into outputs for users. Modern societies have been called organizational. Unlike so-called primitive societies, modern ones produce most of their goods and services through special-purpose organizations that are, in the main, neither familial not tribal. Some of the organizations of a modern society are meant to earn a profit and some are “not-for-profit”. Organization Climate

Although the concept of organizational climate is somewhat nebulous, it is valuable in understanding several aspects of organizational behavior. Organizational climate is the overall favourability of member attitudes and perceptions with reference to specific activities and features of an organization. Organizations tend to have their specific culture: a peculiar mix of values, attitudes, norms, habits, traditions, behaviors and rituals. Some organizations are well aware of their culture and regard it as a powerful strategic tool, used to orient all units and individuals...
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