Organization Culture Survey

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Organizational Culture Survey
Instructions: Circle the number that represents the extent to which the following statements apply to you:

|To a very little extent |To a little extent |To some extent |To a great extent |To a very great extent | |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |

People I work with are direct and honest with each other.
People I work with accept criticism without becoming defensive. People I work with resolve disagreements cooperatively.
People I work with function as a team.
People I work with are cooperative and considerate.
People I work with constructively confront problems.
People I work with are good listeners.
People I work with are concerned about each other.
Labor and management have a productive working relationship. This organization motivates me to put out my best efforts.
This organization respects its workers.
This organization treats people in a consistent and fair manner. Working here feels like being part of a family.
There is an atmosphere of trust in this organization.
This organization motivates people to be efficient and productive. I get enough information to understand the big picture here. When changes are made the reasons why are made clear.
I know what's happening in work sections outside of my own.
I get the information I need to do my job well.
I have a say in decisions that affect my work.
I am asked to make suggestions about how to do my job better. This organization values the ideas of workers at every level. My opinions count in this organization.

Job requirements are made clear by my supervisor.
When I do a good job my supervisor tells me.
My supervisor takes criticism well.
My supervisor delegates responsibility.
My supervisor is approachable.
My supervisor gives me criticism in a positive manner.
My supervisor is a good listener.
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