Organizational Behavior

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Lecturer: Prof. FIDEL A. OBLENA
School year: SY 2013 – 2014
Semester:1st Semester

1. Explain the importance of Organizational Behavior (OB) to: a. A company
- The behavior of company with customer or partner in business. It should be effect to brand and prestigious of company. - Make trust from employees who must bring into play the company’s traditions and prove them ability. - By understanding how to get the best out of your employees, your company can become more productive and competitive. b. The Employee

- Assess employee’s ability at its true worth, the importance of placing employees in positions that will make them happy and productive. - If company culture encourages employees to speak up without fear of reprisal, new employees will gain confidence in expressing their ideas, whereas if the culture is to shoot the messenger, new employees will soon learn to keep their opinions to themselves. c. To YOU!

- We have many ways to success. However, I couldn’t ever have attitude and behavior. They make me understanding how for customer feeling for services or for business… Given that there are many ways to structure communication in an organization, the question arises how the pattern of communications within the organization affects the performance of the organization -- its ability to sell products, reduce costs, adapt to changes in environment, etc. In other words, what is the best communication structure? The closer everyone is to that integrator, the faster the puzzle is solved. It clear that organizational behavior plays a tremendous role on our relationships both professionally and socially. It is clear that an individual that understand the organization and its behaviors have the advantage to manage an organization. Consequently OB is essential to life.

2. Analyze and identify some current trends for OB, and specifically: d. Explain the benefits of diversity
One of the primary challenges of organizational behavior is overcoming ethnic and cultural diversity among employees. Because different employees have different beliefs, opinions and ways of working, it can be challenging for employees to work together because of these differences. Some organizations choose to offer diversity training courses or workshops to help overcome these issues. The point is to illuminate how the diversity of an organization actually makes it better for the different benefits that each of the employees bring to the table. Another of the challenges of organizational behavior is finding ways to motivate employees as a way to improve activity. Some of the ways organizations improve productivity within the organization is to empower the employees. When organizations and businesses empower its employees, it gives them a sense of loyalty to the company because they feel like they are part of the success of the business. A third of the challenges of organizational behavior is hiring the right employees for the company. Hiring the right employees for the organization is not only about finding the people with the skills and knowledge that the position requires, but also employees that fit into the organizational culture or can help to improve employee relations. Another of the main challenges of organizational behavior is how to run a productive company, but also show its employees that it cares about them as well. In other words, it is about helping employees find the right work-life balance. e. Describe their cross-cultural challenges of the workplace

When new employees join your company, the way they behave is influenced by the organizational culture. People are social beings and strive to fit in to the environment around them. If your company culture encourages employees to speak up without fear of reprisal, new employees will gain confidence in expressing their ideas, whereas if the culture is to shoot the...
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