Organizational Behavior

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What is the study of OB?
Organization behavior is the study of people act; think, and feel in an organization field or can behaviors of individuals and group in organizations. In other words, it focuses on why individuals and groups in the organization act the way they do.

Why OB is important to the manager?
Research on what managers do show that they fulfill interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles. Important activities include routine communication, traditional management, networking, and human resource management. According to Mintzberg’s managerial roles there are three important managerial roles. The roles are interpersonal role, informational role and decisional role. Interpersonal role:

* Figurehead: Performs ceremonial and symbolic duties such as greeting, visitors, signing legal documents * Leader: Direct and motivate subordinates, training, counseling, and communicating with subordinates. * Liaison: Maintain information links both inside and outside organization; use mail, phone calls, meeting. Informational role:

* Monitor: Seek and receive information, scan periodicals and reports, maintain personal contacts. * Disseminator: Forward information to other organization members; send memos and reports, make phone calls. * Spokesperson: Transmit information to outsiders through speeches, reports, memos Decisional role:

* Entrepreneur: Initiate improvement projects, identify new ideas, and delegate idea responsibility to others. * Disturbance Handler: Take corrective action during disputes or crises; resolve conflicts among subordinates; adapt to environmental crises. * Resource Allocator: Decide who gets resources, scheduling, budgeting, setting priorities. * Negotiator: Represent department during negotiation of union contracts, sales, purchases, and budgets, represent departmental interests.

What are the three levels of studying OB?
i) Individual level
Individual level in organization behavior...
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