Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior
Sheri Anderson
University of Phoenix
Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics
Dennis Keegan
March 12, 2012

Organizational Behavior
In this paper the subject to explain is the key concepts and terminology of organizational culture, organizational behavior, diversity, and communication. Additionally, this paper will explain a brief analysis of the culture and behavior of this writer organization. Implementation strategies are important for every organization and these strategies need to be executed according to organization’s needs and requirements. Effective strategies for any organization can attract customers, increase their attention and motivate them the take action, which can be beneficial for the organization (Thompson & Martin, 2005).

An organization employs staff to perform specific duties within the business for the organization. According to “Organizational Culture” (2012), “…Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace...” (para. 1). The organizational culture is different with diversity of employees. This culture is molded with the best of intentions of all members. Sometimes it is hard to grow in an organization if they are lacking in its culture or the culture is prohibited from growing or changing.

Additionally, in discussing organizational culture, it is parts of an organizations collective behavior of people that are part of an organization. It is also formed by the organization values, visions, norms, working language, systems, and symbols, it includes beliefs and habits. It is also the pattern of such collective behavior’s and assumptions that are taught to new organizational members as a way of perceiving, and even thinking and feeling. Organizational culture affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders. It is important to know that organizational culture also have negative and positive aspects. (Organizational Culture, 2012).

More Important, in most organizations, the staff generally follows the behavior designed by the leaders of each organization. As a rule the behavior within an organization is developed by the management or the controlling functions of management. The organization behavior is quite the opposite of organizational culture. As described earlier, organizational culture is developed by the workers, whereas the behavior is developed by the organizational leaders. Similarity, organizations are known by variety of something such as opinion, color, or style ethnic variety, as well as socioeconomic and gender variety, in a group, society, or organization. This diversity helps organizations build good cultures and helps build solid reputations for the organizations. It is important for organizations to have diversity among employees it balance the organization in decisions-making problems and helps eliminate impulsive or solo decisions within an office setting.

Moreover, we had a staffing’s to discuss the development of a new procedure. It was implemented and set as a policy and upper management never evaluated the progress or effectiveness of this new procedure. The procedure did not function effectively for the program. It was a hindrance working using that tool. It did not help us in our programs and created a lot of extra work. This procedure made us work harder than before the decision to implement this change. It was intended to help us work smarter, but the program tool had many glitches. It rarely function properly for the program as it was thought to have, and no one ever evaluated whether it was a good or bad decision, to implement it into practice. It was a lack of communication involve in this process. This went on for months before some employees refuse to use it. This was a time when the culture of the workplace came together to make a change. It was brought to...
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