Organizational Behavior

Topics: Organizational studies, Organization, Psychology Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 14, 2012
How is a course in OB going to make you a better manager?
Behavior can be stated as bunch of activities a person often does. And hence Organizational behavior means study of human behavior in an organization. This is related to understanding human psychology. No two individual will behave in the same way in a given circumstance. Organizational behavior is a system which is involved in monitoring, understanding, forecasting and controlling behavior at work which ensures effective performance of the organization. Organizations of any business are built up with the association of people, money, material and methods. But the most important are the people working in the organization. Accomplishing any task without the help of the people is just unimaginable. Organizational behavior is an emerging field which is engaged precisely in the activities of the people and their behavior. Today, OB has gained invaluable significance because organizational structure and culture have been constantly undergoing changes as a result of a highly dynamic and volatile environment and huge technological advancement. Besides these, new workplace, environmental changes such as globalization and, recognition and management of diversity and ethics represent a paradigm shift in the organizational structure. For example, most of the private sector organizations today represent a flat hierarchy and encourages an open and two-way communication between employees and the management. This trend is not too prevalent in the govt. sector organizations. However, it is catching up. I would like to quote another example here of today’s changing work culture. Organizations today are heavily investing in learning and trainings to adapt quickly to threats and opportunities. I work with IBM. It has been over a month now, and I am still undergoing trainings. I will not be assigned on any project till the time I have not completely learnt about IBM as an organization, how it functions, what does it...
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