Organizational Behavior: Managerial and Organizational Challenges

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ORGB 3201-05: Spring 2014
Instructor: Marla Baskerville Watkins
Class Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays(3:25-5:05) Dodge 140
Office: College of Business, 112 Hayden Hall,Management and Organizational Development Office Hours: Office Hours: Tuesdays (11-1)


You will be required to read a textbook, academic articles, news articles, and cases that can be retrieved from your coursepacket, the internet, and Blackboard.

Textbook: Hitt, M. A., Miller, C. C., & Colella, A. Organizational Behavior: A Strategic Approach. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley. Second Edition.

Coursepacket: Available at

The Harvard Business Review articles (HBR) are not included in the coursepacket because you can access them for free. You are responsible for finding the HBR articles through the library or the EBSCO host database.

**Additional reading assignments are posted on Blackboard under “Course Materials”.


This is an introductory, survey course in Organizational Behavior (OB). The purpose of this course is to survey a variety of managerial and organizational issues and challenges faced in today's complex business environment. The field of organizational behavior is a multidisciplinary field, which draws on theory from many disciplines including psychology, sociology, and economics. The course addresses skills needed to deal with managerial and organizational issues and challenges. Thus, we’ll cover topics such as power and politics, diversity, motivation, decision-making, leadership, teamwork, and culturefrom both theoretical and practical perspectives.

The course will involve a combination of learning methods, including lectures, discussions, movies, ‘friendly’ debates, case-analyses, and class activities to help students understand business and management issues. Thus, it is important for all students to attend class and contribute to class discussions. You’ll get more out of the class, as will your classmates!


1. Youwill have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the major principles and concepts of organizational behavior at all levels of analysis (e.g., individual and group) to increase your understanding of organizations and the people working in them (including yourself!). 2. You will also have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of your own organizational behavior and that of those with whom you work or interact with at school which will enrich your understanding of how to improve your performance, make better decisions, effectively lead and interact with others, and influence others with little to no formal authority. 3. You should expect to spend at least two hours studying/preparing outside of class for every hour spent in class. 4. I expect that everyone will come to class prepared – which means you have read the assigned material. 5. I expect that everyone will participate in all class exercises and cases (participation is not the same as attendance and both are required).You are required to bring your name tents to every class. 6. Anything turned in must be typed and double spaced (except assignments completed in class). 7. All assignments must be turned in at the beginning of class. Late assignments will not be accepted. 8. I expect that everyone will treat each other with respect and follow the Honor Code listed below.

Assignments and Grading

Your grade in this course will be based on the following assignments:

1. Exams (30%)
2. Team Project (25%)
3. OB in the news (10%)
4. Research Critique and Case Analysis (15%)
5. Individual or Group Assignments/Quizzes/Homework/Case Analysis (20%)


Four exams (including the final exam) will be given during the semester. However, only three exams will be included in your final grade. Each exam will include multiple choice,true/false, and short essay...
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