Organizational Behavior Model of Grameenphone

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Organizations are collections of interacting and inter related human and non-human resources working toward a common goal or set of goals within the framework of structured relationships. It is a great opportunity to study about the leading mobile operator company, GrameenPhone and their organizational behavior model which is concerned with all aspects of how the company influences the behavior of individuals and how individuals in turn influence the company. * Origin of the Report

The BBA program under the department of Business Studies offers a course named “Organizational Behavior” (MGT 251) which requires every group to submit a report on a general management related topic determined by the course instructor. The report under the headline “Organizational Behavior Model” has been prepared to serve that purpose. * Objectives of the Study

Several objectives to conduct the study are:
* To study about organizational behavior.
* To study about the Managerial Activities
* To be informed about the levels of organizational behavior and its importance from the view of organizational point * To learn about each potential outcomes of effective functioning of the organization as well as inspiring employees towards their job. * To build a bridge between the theoretical & practical education of marketing. * Methodology

To prepare this report we have used all the managerial data, different official documents as well as papers available of that particular institution which were made for the relevant field(s). We have taken help from some employees of GrameenPhone who helped us to enrich this topic. We also talked to our teachers about it and they have also helped to improve and enhance the report. * Limitations

We have faced some usual constraints during the course of our preparation for the report. The major limitations are as follows:

* Information is not available: The data required for sufficient analysis for preparing the report was not available. We could not get all the data from a single source. * Lack of skills: Our skill is not sufficient, that is why we could not present it more attractively

The Company Overview

Grameenphone is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. With more than 27 million subscribers (as of October 2010) Grameenphone is the largest cellular operator in the country. It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation, a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed microfinance organization and community development bank Grameen Bank. Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway, owns 55.8% shares of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom owns 34.2% and the remaining 10% is publicly held.It signed its license agreement with the Government on 11 November 1996 and began operations on 26 March 1997. Grameenphone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh. It also established the first 24-hour Call Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Stay Close, stated goal of Grameenphone is to provide affordable telephony to the entire population of Bangladesh

Managerial Values of the company
Garmeenphone always tried to keep promises from its inception till today, which has bought a different dimension to its managerial techniques. Best Network Coverage, well built management, Efficient and Effective Manpower- all these brought the company to its destiny. Promises can be made easily; but keeping those promises is much harder than it previously. GP has come across with those promises very successfully with its Outstanding and Specialized Managerial Techniques. Grameenphone is always being respectful to others; especially to the prominent social Personalities those who directly motivating themselves into various social, economic, educative and other positive field with eye-catching role-play. GrameenPhone is the official sponsor of...

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