Organizational Behavior Paper

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Organizational Behavior Paper
Antonia Haywood
May 9, 2015
Tabita Maureira-Olivera
Organizational Behavior Paper
Organizational behavior is made up of many different components. The main components are broken down into three levels; the individual, the group and the organization as a whole. Each component is important in its own way especially for managers. The purpose of this paper is to explain the main components of organizational behavior, discuss how these components relate to a preschool and last consider how the knowledge of organizational behavior will benefit a manager. Components

Organizational behavior is made up of three different components. The first component is the individual. The individual is an important part of organizational behavior because each individual is a part of the organization. The way that each person acts says a lot about the organization. One person can make the entire organization look bad. There is research in organization behavior that has focused on “The way in which the characteristics of individuals affect how people do their jobs” (George & Jones, 2012,). The next component is the group. A group is two or more individuals that work together to set goals and reach their goals. A group is important because it shows how well individuals can work together. There are many situations in different workplaces that require individuals to work in groups. The way that they group works together is important. For example; a manager looks to see if the group works well together or if they end up having multiple disagreements. The last component of organizational behavior is the organization as a whole. This component is the most important because it is made up of individuals as well as groups. The personalities of the workers say a lot about the organization as a whole. In order for the organization to function efficiently everybody has to work together.

A Preschool
When it comes to the three components of organizational behavior and a preschool, each component is crucial. For example, the individual is important because most of the time a teacher works by themselves, so they have to represent the company well. The individuals will have to have a positive attitude. The individual will also have to know how to control their emotions if not it can upset the children. So the individuals play a big role when it relates to organizational behavior. The next component, the group, is not one that is so important in this case because usually the teachers do not work in a group. Each individual is responsible for their own class, so they do not get the chance to work together. The last component, however, is very important, the organization as a whole. This is the most important component because the organization is made up of many individuals, and they all make up the organization as a whole. The preschool does not want to get a bad reputation because of one individual. However, all it takes is one parent to talk about the preschool, and the preschool could lose their children. The organization works together each person is required to do their part so that the organization looks good. Benefits

When it comes to being manager knowledge of organizational behavior is very important. A manager is expected to run the organization. The manager must learn the personalities of each individual so that they can place them in the right position. If a manager has knowledge about organizational behavior, then they will know what is expected of the organization. They will also know what they need to do to get the organization there. They will also know how to apply these concepts so that the organization as a whole benefits. As a manager, they will learn how to make the employee feel important as an individual. Once the manager does that, then the employee will work better in groups, and the organization as a whole will improve. Conclusion

So, in conclusion, the three main...
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