Organizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts

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Organizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts



October 25, 2011

Organizational Behavior, Terms, and Concepts

For a business to be successful there must be a well-built foundation amongst its human resources. These workers must be kept content. In turn, they work hard and increase productivity. Organizational behavior is a way to observe the employees, while Organizational culture aids in bringing the people of the firm together. This is done by letting the people of the organization build a system of shared ideas, views, actions, and beliefs (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, Chapter 1 & 16, 2008). Additionally, having a diverse group of talent, helps in breaking down any cultural barriers, which may occur. Finally, having a clear line of communication, assists in people’s understanding. Thus, supports the developing of relationships, within the business. Sequentially, these practices will guide the firm and its members in successful future endeavors. The observable aspects of these topics will be discussed. Organizational Behavior and Culture

Observable aspects of Organizational behavior include relationships between co-workers, associates interaction with upper level management, and how individuals work; on their own. Also, the change in performance may be examined, after a normal course of action has been altered. For example, Baristas at Starbucks may be seen interacting in a very fun, light-hearted, way with each other; as well as customers. However, with the arrival of the District Manager, one will see the atmosphere of the coffee house change. Though the Baristas are still having fun, actions and laughter is toned down. The observable aspects of Organizational culture consist of different values and morals important to members of the team. These differ, depending on the conglomerate. For instance, Starbucks Corporation asserts a rule, that does not allow partners to display any piercings; other...

References: Schermerhorn, J.R., Hunt, J.G., & Osborn, R.N. (2008). Organizational behavior (10th ed.) . Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection.
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