Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Psychology, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 9 (1151 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Course Manual

Human Behaviour in Organizations

PGP 2013-2015


Facilitator:E-mail IDMeeting Time

Dr Lalita Singh Dr Vigya Garg Dr Tripti Pande Desai Tuesdays and wednesdays

 Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to provide a conceptual framework of OB while giving major emphasis on understanding of Individual behaviour in organisations.

Outline Syllabus

Unit – I
▪ Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Unit –II
▪ Foundations of Individual Behaviour
▪ Learning

Unit – III
• Perception and attribution

▪ Personality: Understanding Self & Others
▪ Moods and Emotions

Unit V
▪ Values and Attitudes

. Unit – VI
▪ Motivation
▪ Recapitulation of the course

Learning Outcomes:

1. Proper understanding of the conceptual framework and fundamentals of organizational behavior so as to sustain high performance and effectiveness; 2. Attaining higher ability to analyze and apply critical thinking and learning skills related to "real life" problems and situations concerning human behavoiur; 3. Mastering the skills to identify and apply behavioural processes and methods that improve individual and group performance for business effectiveness; 4. Enhanced ability to apply the knowledge and skills to assess, analyse, diagnose, and successfully implement in rapidly changing environment to create a linkage between job behaviour and performance; 5. Overall development of personal skills to be an effective leader and manager

Books and References:

Main text:

Organizational Behaviour- Stephen P. Robbins & , Pearson Education Limited(SPR)

Supplementary text

Management of Organizational Behavoiur-Hersey, Paul and Blanchard, Kenneth H, PH(HPB) Organizational Behaviour - Fred Luthans, McGraw Hill International Edition(FL) Organizational Behaviour- Mirza S Saiyadain ,Tata McGraw Hill,(MSS) Organization Behavior: Managing People & Organisations, Moorhead & Griffin, Biztantra (M&G) Human Behaviour at Work- Davis, K, McGraw Hill (DK)

Session plan
|Session | |Topics & Issues |Exercise / Cases | |1-4 | |Unit-1 | | | |To identify the contributions|Introduction to Organizational Behaviour |Opening Case: | | |made by major behavioural |Overview, Definition |Salona Khilona | | |science disciplines to OB |Historical Roots of Organisational | | | |Know about the challenges and|Behaviour | | | |opportunities for the budding|Contributing Disciplines to the OB Field | | | |managers |Challenges and Opportunities for OB | | | | |Developing an OB Model | | |5-8 | |UNIT 2 | | | | |...
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