organizational behaviour assignment

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Assignment 1 2014




1. The forces within SABC management environment.
2. Impact of the internal driving forces.
3. Impact of the external driving force.
3.1. Economic forces.
3.2. Technological forces.
3.3. Demographic forces.
3.4. Political and legal forces.
4. Reasons why some SABC employees will show resistance.
4.1. Fear of job loss.
4.2. Negative attitude.
4.3. Poor consultation by management.
4.4. Communication and lack of understanding.
4.5. Top down decision making.
5. Recommendations to cope with the resistance.
6. Factors influencing the SABC organizational structure.
6.1. Organizational size.
6.2. Strategy.
6.3. The environment.
6.4. Technology.
6.5. Human resource.
7. The ways through the SABC can maintain its culture.
8. How the SABC CEO can increase his power.
9. How the SABC CEO can exercise his power.
9.1. Referent power.
9.2. Expert power.
9.3. Coercive power.
9.4. Reward power.
9.5. Legitimate power.

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Organizational Behavior

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Assignment 1 2014

The role of stakeholders and employees in any organization going through a process of change is vital. In June 2010, the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) embarked on a turnaround strategy to try and address its operational challenges and reposition itself within broadcasting market.

The purpose of this article is to understand the ways through SABC must work in the most efficient and effective manner to cope with the problems that they are facing. This study explores the perceptions of what is going on and what must be done. The introductory chapters describes things such the forces within SABC management environment and their impact in either influence positively or negatively the SABC, as well as the factors that influence their organizational structures and the resistance presented by some employees about the impact of the turnaround strategy.

In addition, in the final part of the article, an overview of what methods must be made available to maintain the values and norms of its early culture and how their senior leadership should use their influence over the employees in a bid to successfully lead the organization in their glory days, it is presented.

Organizational Behavior

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Assignment 1 2014

Question 1.
The SABC s management environment was suffocating at the time of writing the extract. Identify the forces within SABC management environment, and comprehensively discuss the impact of such forces in influencing the success or failure of the SABC.

If there is anything that is stead fast and unchanging, it is change itself. Change is inevitable, and those organizations who do not keep up with change will become instable, with longterm survivability in question. There are things, events, or situations that occur that affect the way that business operates, either in a positive or a negative way. These things, events, or situations that occur that affect a business in either a positive or negative way are called Driving Forces or Environment Factors .

There are two kind of driving forces: a) Internal driving forces are those things, events, or situations that occur inside the organization, and are generally under the control of the company; and b) External driving forces are those things, events, or situations that occur outside of the organization and are by, and large beyond out of the control of the company. For the definitions above we can see that SABC management environment was facing both the Internal and External forces, which unfortunately their top management did not have any control over them, but yet they could respond and adapt to their opportunities and treats. From now on, I will discuss...

References: Ø George and Jones Contemporary Management, 7th edition. (2011: 197,305,427)
Ø Fourie Pieter J
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