Organizational Behaviour Case Study

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The first important element of organizational behavior identified in the case situation is the communication between the guest and Johan. In Johan perception, the way the guest calling for Johan or other staff was rude, but maybe for the guest, it was nothing and it is the way how she called every other staff at other hotel as well. Hospitality industry is mainly about service. Therefore, no matter how rude the guest is, we as the service provider have to bear with it and still give an excellent service. The second element is that the Standard of Procedure (SOP) was not clearly mention and effectively delivered to the staff. The SOP should be briefed and reminded to the staffs in every day briefings. The management could also organize monthly or quarterly training session mainly about the SOP to refresh staff’s memory about the SOP. The third element is team work. Team work is very important in the hospitality industry as everyone should work together to ensure guest’s will receive an excellent service and satisfied with the service provided. In order to have a functional restaurant or hotel we need to have a team work, helping each other when the hotel or restaurant is very busy, high occupancy or full house. Backing up each other would really help the smooth flow of service and prevent guest complains. In this case situation, the problem was that, the staff only looking out for themselves when the hotel or restaurant get busy or in high occupancy. They start to do their own work and not even realize there was a guest who is been calling them. In addition to the hectic and busy working environment, the way she called them is very annoying and rude. Therefore, it irritates and prompted Johan’s anger. The fourth element is the management and operation. When the restaurant gets busier and there is lack of human labor, the management should ask 2 or 3 staffs to stay back for overtime...
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