Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan
Shalawn Smith
June 10, 2012
Janet Treadwell

Organizational Change Plan
Successful change within a healthcare organization requires an appropriate timeline for analyzing the current health services, setting specific goals, and weeding out barriers that may have a negative effect on the organizational change. According to Nadina, “The release of the process of organizational change occurs when managers or owners of an organization identify the existence of opportunities leading to improved business processes, or when things go bad and there are various problems in the organization” (Nadina). In hospice care, concerns arise for at- home patients receiving hospice care that do not currently have a primary care giver. To create a change plan for to alleviate this issue, we must first examine the organization to determine the need for the change. We should analyze the current organization to recognize existing organizational and individual barriers that may hinder the change effort .Factors that determine our site-readiness need to be assessed to find those that are influential for our change. Various steps need to be taken before any implementation can begin to ensure an effective organizational change. The reason behind this change effort stems from the hospice nurses not being able to provide efficient care to at-home patients that do not have a primary care giver. The problems arise from one patient whose son entered him into hospice care and the son lives out of town and is disabled. The patient lives alone and is wheelchair bound and cannot do much for himself. The son is unable to be his primary caregiver, so the responsibilities fall on the hospice nurses. The issue is that the nurses only visit certain days and certain hours of the day. The patient has senior citizens that stop by on some days to help, along with the in home care from hospice, but it is still not enough. The patient has the right to refuse services...

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