Organizational Commitment

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Critically evaluate the concept of organizational commitment and consider the difficulties involved in securing employee commitment. INTRODUCTION:
An organization is a social body consisting of a group of people who share a similar goal or work towards achieving a single goal. They are well structured and managed in such a way so the goal can be reached most effectively and efficiently. Organizations are of various types. It can be private (led by an individual or a group of people) or public (led by the government). Even the not-for-profit groups such as charity and social service groups are considered as organizations. Organizational studies examines how these organizations are constructed, structured and managed and how these in turn ultimately help in influencing people and environment. It is an interdisciplinary lens to understand the various factors involved in an organization. Organizational studies involves the complete assessment of all the factors such as the behavior of people, its culture, its identity, the power and politics etc. It is important as it helps in understanding the organization and its environment better. The history of organizational studies dates back to 16th century. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the “importance of leadership” and Aristotle had discussed about the essence of “Persuasive Communication”. Ever since the beginning of the studies, the psychological and emotional factors of the people working in an organization has been the most complex subject. It is called as the “Organizational Behavior”. Organizational behavior is a study of the impact of individuals and groups on the behavior within the organization. It is a complex study involving the factors such as the culture, sociology, psychology, performance, satisfaction, identification etc. one of the most important factor that affects the organizational behavior is “Organizational commitment”. This essay aims on studying in depth about the Organizational commitment and theories involved in studying it more effectively. Moving on to The factors that promote and hinder the organizational commitment. Then the fruitful results of the organizational commitment is explained. Finally discussing the best possible ways to secure employee’s commitment.

Organizational commitmentIn general, organizational commitment refers to the emotional and psychological attachment of an individual to his/her organization. The commitment towards the organization can either be rational which aims on financial, developmental & professional interests or emotional which includes passion towards the job, value coworkers and loyalty to their boss. (Schermerhorn & Osborn, 2012). Because it is a psychological factor and depends on each individual, the level of commitment and type of commitment varies widely from person to person. Allen & Meyer (1990) define organizational commitment as “A psychological state that binds the individual to the organization”. Though there is a general perception that commitment is a psychological factor and is considered as intangible, the duo thought otherwise. They carefully studied the various factors that affect an employee’s commitment towards the organization and concluded that organizational commitment can be measured under three categories. This they called as the “Three component model of organizational commitment”. The three component model argues that there are three different components or three "mind sets" which can characterize an employee's commitment to the organization: 1. Affective commitment (Desire) 2. Continuance commitment (Cost) 3. Normative commitment (Obligation)

Affective commitmentAffective commitment refers to the emotional attachment of an individual to the organization. Employees with a strong affective commitment identify themselves strongly with and largely involve in the organization. They go out of their way to help the colleagues and go beyond the call of duty. Such employees stay with...
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