Organizational Conflicts

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Organizational Conflicts in Nestlé - OB + BRM Report
This project of Research methodology comprises of the organizational conflicts in Nestle. This Organization is serving our economy from a number of years and proved to be a main contributor in the national income. This organization is performing marvelous from number of years but there is no organization which is without any conflicts. In our research study we concentrated on the major issues that lead to organizational conflicts and their different levels and to determine the root cause of the conflicts. Many researches had already been done relating to this topic but they are general in nature and here we are more objective i.e. realizing the conflicts in Nestle. In this report we added the literature review i.e. the researches already been done and further we sampled the population through questionnaire, interviews and at times we used the observation method to collect data. Acknowledgement

All the praise is for Allah, the most merciful and beneficent, who blessed us with the knowledge, gave us the courage and allowed us to accomplish this task. We are especially indebted to our project supervisor Dr. Naseer Ahmed, Chairman Department of Admn. Sciences, Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad, for giving us an initiative to this project. His inspiring guidance remarkable suggestions, constant encouragement, keen interest, constructive criticism, and friendly discussion enabled us to complete this project efficiently. Without his support and proper guidance, it would be almost impossible to accomplish this task successfully. We offer our heartiest tribute and cordial gratitude to present our thanks to General manager Nestle whose cooperation helped us to achieve our target. We have fortunate of having a very nice company of friends and seniors especially Mr. Adil and Mr. Kashif who cooperated with us in all matters relating to the report. Executive Summary

The today’s world moves at neck breaking speed & it calls for a decisive action “Quantum Leap thinking”.
The culture is one in which every employee is treated as if he or she is the most significant person in the company regardless of his position. Excellence is demanded from every one at the company from assembly line workers to the CEO. There is a saying that the only constant thing in life is the change. It is a natural phenomenon that every individually responds negatively to the changes in the normal settings. Normally the changes in the strategies encourage developing new conflicts among the employees and with the management This is the actual problem we studied in our report. The occurrence of the organizational conflicts can occur due to, professional or/and personal jealousy, loopholes in the organizational structural design are quite common. The main emphasis here is on the communication & hierarchic conflicts, these are the conflicts, which cover all the three levels of the company’s hierarchy, because we can have communication & Hierarchy without conflict, but we cannot have conflict without some form of communication & Hierarchy. From the data analysis and theoretical framework certain elements determined as the root cause of conflicts are o Ethnicity

o Personal Jealousy
o Arrogant behaviours (low temperament)
Communication problems
Ø In the end it is recommended that deligation of authority should be done on merit bases. Diversification should be encouraged though sometimes it becomes the reason of conflicts but it provides the organizaton with the opportunity to adapt to the changing global market. Section 1

“Literature Review”
“We can have communication & Hierarchy without conflict; we cannot have conflict without some form of communication & Hierarchy”. More important, through communication we can minimize the impact of conflict when it occurs, both verbal and nonverbal. James M Lahiff & John M Penrose in 1997 in the book Business Strategies &...
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