Organizational Culture

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Organizational Culture Unilever Sri Lanka
Organizational Behavior - Mr. Kishan Thomas

What Is Organizational Culture?
The common perception held by the members of the organization is called the organizational culture and it basically depicts a system of shared meaning. There are seven characteristics evolved around organizational culture which are, innovation and risk taking, attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness and stability. Some organizations wear uniform cultures such as dominant cultures where a set of core values shared by the members of the organization. There can be subcultures within depending on the department designations, geographical separation and primarily the core values are accepted throughout the organization.

Cultures draw the boundary line between organizations which give each of them the unique characteristic of running the business. Members of the organization receive an identity for themselves by having a specific organizational culture as well as it increases the social stability while providing a control mechanism to fit the employees within.

Sometimes a culture can be liability due to many reasonable factors. Culture do not change easily and it is really hard to change as well. It lays a barrier to diversity which can lead to conflicts within the organization and barrier to acquisitions and mergers. Innovative people fail to perform outstandingly due to the factors regarding organizational culture which can lead to enormous downfall of performance in the organization.

Keeping a culture alive is a main challenge in a corporate; There should be a selection to choose the employees who fit in with the organizations culture and a top management who controls all the behavioral norms. When a new employee joins an organization it is important to make the employee comfortable to follow the organizational culture by socializing which is another key factor. Employees learn about the corporate culture by stories, rituals, material symbols, language and sometimes, ceremonies.

There are ethical and positive organizational culture which differ from each organization. Ethical cultures are focused on high risk tolerance but it has a low to moderate aggressiveness. They set high ethical standards while positive cultures mainly focus on building employee strengths and emphasize strength and growth of the employee. Managers should be visible role models when setting up a culture because cultures are really hard to change. Unilever Sri Lanka - Overview

From home, personal care to foods products Unilever has covered so many people's lives with 400 brands spanning 14 categories. Some of their popular products are Lipton, Knorr, Dove and Omo. Unilever has set up five laboratories around the world to explore new thinking and techniques to help develop their products and £1 billion every year for research. Unilever is always updated about the changing tastes, lifestyles and expectations as they introduce new products to the market with the results of consumer research. They have installed strong roots in the local market to ensure their local consumers. Unilever is not just concerned about making the consumer happy by meeting daily life needs but about their health too. Unilever mention that they create and share wealth, invest in local economies and develop people's skills both inside their organization and in the communities around them.

There are 174000 people in 100 countries working for Unilever, indicating that they create jobs in the market and support the jobs of many thousands of distributors, contractors and suppliers.
Unilever Sri Lanka was incorporated in 1938 with brands such as Sunlight, Lux and Pears Rose. Today, it delivers 29 strong brands which lead in the market in their own categories. Unilever Sri Lanka operates fast moving consumer goods with the operations in home care,...
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