Organizational Culture

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Organizational studies Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: June 26, 2013
The definition of culture varies with an estimate of 164 individual definitions of organizational culture. One potential catalyst for the number of definitions comes down to the application of theory to the abstract concept of culture within an organization. The more theorist and different organizational fields of study you have the more individual definitions are spawned. Though there may be many definitions of culture one point is understood, the strength of a company is directly related to how culture is rooted in its strategies and way of doing business. Culture acting as a corner stone allows the company to take risks being more innovative as the company expands and succeeds. Culture defines the company becoming a brand from which both employees and customers will flock to. This paper will discuss organizational culture. More specifically, this paper will open by looking at what organizational culture is before covering the history of culture, cultural functions and four types. This will be followed by discussing some of the common theories and models of culture before turning to discuss the importance of leadership within organizational culture. This paper will conclude by addressing elements of organizational culture and how to manage organizational culture. Three high performance organizations will be examined to compare high to low performance companies. What is Organizational Culture?

Organizational Culture is a term that is often used in workplace discussions with organizations and/or companies having very distinct or nonexistent cultures, but what is organizational culture? If organizational culture is to be managed it helps first to be able to define it, for definitions of culture influence approaches to managing culture. Defining organizational culture, however; is difficult because there are so many variables that shape the definition of culture. Edgar Schein defines organizational culture as “a pattern of basic assumptions that the...
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