Organizational Culture and Management

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Organizational culture has a strong impact on organizational management, which emerges from its nature and its content. There are a various definitions of organization culture. In general, organizational culture can be defined as the set of beliefs, values, norms and rules (both written and unwritten) by which an organization functions. Taken together, they establish the environment in which employees interact with each other and with the marketplace. As a fact, the culture followed by the organization has a deep impact on the employees and their relationship amongst themselves. Indeed, every organization has a unique culture making it different from the other and giving it a sense of direction. Managers and organizational culture are the two sides of a coin where one cannot exist without the other. There are significant roles of managers in order to form or sustain the organizational culture; we cannot take managers out of the equation when dealing with organizational culture. It is the responsibility of managers to maintain and establish a positive culture. A good leader establishes a positive and healthy organizational culture by motivating his/her subordinates to perform at a high level, by promoting open communication, and establishing positive authority. Furthermore, to succeed in establishing a positive atmosphere and a culture where employees are encouraged to thrive, it is essential that managers go beyond good management and become great leaders. Performance management programs can greatly impact corporate culture because they clearly articulate to employees what is expected from them as well as provides a feedback mechanism to inform employees if they are being "proper" as defined by the corporate culture. To impact culture, performance management systems need to also address employee behaviors and not just work objectives. Doing so helps to eliminate the mistake described above where employees were rewarded even though they demonstrated behaviors...
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