Organizational Culture: Kudler Fine Foods

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Organizational Culture: Kudler Fine Foods
Passionate about gourmet cooking and frustrated at having to travel all over town to gather ingredients for one simple meal, Kathy Kudler decided to open her own gourmet food shop (University of phoenix). Kudler Fine Foods, (Kudler) a small chain of gourmet food stores located in California establishment in 1998, and has now expanded to three locations. Kudler’s management has succeeded in combining convenience of one stop gourmet shopping with affordable goods and services and this Californian gourmet story with is unique layout provides modern European Styled Bakeries which produces an assortment of freshly baked preservative free delicacies to its customers. With an emphasis on healthy foods, the menu should attract health conscious customers (University of Phoenix). The study of organizational behavior and organizational structure is critical to the success of any business, but organizational culture can also facilitate or inhibit change. Managers anticipate a need for change when there is a gap between desired and actual performance levels (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, 2002). Kudler is experiencing this gap and management must attempt to understand the issues and take corrective actions. The goal is to conduct an investigation of leadership as it relates to Kudler and determine how the leadership styles transcend throughout the organization. In examining the organizational cultural of Kudler, three areas will be reviewed; the visible culture, espoused culture, and core beliefs. A further assessment will be conducted to determine if the organizational structure and leadership motivate employees. Furthermore, a determination of how these attributes may contribute to increased performance. Additionally, an examination of internal and external forces influencing strategic and tactical decision-making processes will occur. Finally, an assessment of risks and rewards resulting from strategic and tactical initiatives implemented in the organization will be considered. Organizational Culture at Kudler Fine Foods

In considering the organizational culture of Kudler, an underlying strength is leadership. President and owner Kathy Kudler understands how passion can motivate people to take an idea and grow that idea into a flourishing company. Kathy’s passion for gourmet food led her to an opportunity that enabled her to share this passion with others. Kudler’s corporate culture is driven by this passion that focuses almost exclusively on customer service. These principles can be observed in the company’s mission statement that stress themes like; “…unparalleled consumer environment.” or “…helpful and knowledgeable staff…”. These themes are the building blocks or foundations of core cultural beliefs for all Kudler employees. The corporate culture at Kudler centers on professionalism and service orientation which is highly visible. All employees are provided training and mentoring to ensure he or she is meeting the company’s expectations. Additionally, all employees must comply with requirements found in the employee handbook governing personal appearance, time keeping, conduct, and work rules. Kudler’s goal is to ensure customers enjoy and want to repeat the shopping experience at Kudler stores. Employees who do not comply with the philosophies of Kudler may be terminated-at-will. Kudler’s espoused beliefs focus on customer service, but management is also focused on expanding high margin goods and services to attract affluent customers and increase profits. This two-dimensional approach may distract employees from focusing on service in lieu of sales goals. Kudler’s mission statement targets service to customers but the compensation philosophy entices employees to focus more on sales and profitability. To ensure consistency in its tactical approach, managers must be consistent in the implementation of formal policies as to not jeopardize his or her creditability with employees....
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