organizational cultures importance

Topics: Ecology, Natural environment, Organization Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Discuss how critical is organizational culture to change in an organization? What are the limitations of a strategic sustainability approach justify your response from both readings. Organizational culture is the behavior of humans that are a part of an origination it includes the habits, communication, norms, visions, values and beliefs. It affects the people who work in the environment and how they interact with co-workers as well as customers and how they work. The culture of an organization is critical because its comparable to the culture of a country it’s what determines how the company works as well as its values therefore if you want to change an organization you will ultimately change its culture if what your changing is internal this may include reducing turnover, influence the behaviors, reinforce objectives, change the standards, achieve certain goals and much more the culture can change by external factors as well. The change of an organization may depend on the culture of that organization as if the culture supports those changes then the change of an organization will come about easier than if the culture was against that change there is a chance that the culture of an organizational may reject change and therefore create resistance as people do not like change and don’t like to feel a loss of control or lost organizations must consequently must make changes where there is the least resistance and example of this that was given was the Chinese butcher who seldom needed to sharpen his knife. To have change in an organization with a culture there is a sustainability phase model which has six steps in total this model is to show how a corporation can achieve sustainability in the human and environmental areas. The steps are rejection this encompasses the attitude of the companies central resources such as the employees, ecological environment and the infrastructure are to be ill-used for the profit of the corporation. Non-responsiveness is the...

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