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About Company: ABC Software Engineering Lab
Founded in 2007, Noida Lab was conceptualized with a vision to provide a competitive R&D platform in wireless technology. Headquartered in Noida, aligning with ABC’s vision, Noida Lab is one of the fastest-growing companies in the mobile software sector. Noida Lab produces efficient and dynamic mobile software that continually pushes the boundaries of innovation to meet latest technology and provide the high quality products. Journey

ABC Ltd. has established Noida Lab in 2007 in India with a firm belief towards success and the realistic goals. Noida Lab has transformed itself into one the most competitive and proficient R&D centers of ABC Ltd. worldwide. It is focused on embedded and PC software development for ABC Ltd., in a variety of areas related to Mobile Phones. Noida Lab started its operations with Regional Adaptation and Multimedia testing while focusing to bring great innovations and latest technologies in the era of wireless communications. Noida Lab is engaged in development of latest mobile software for all range of handsets. Noida Lab also focuses on Quality assurance which includes automation Testing, protocol testing, white box testing and GCF certifications Noida Lab is involved in development and testing of extensive range of mobiles software by the combination of exceptional talent and superior technology. The focus of Noida Lab is to produce best quality mobile phone software in both CDMA and GSM technologies. The center has talented engineers for carrying out R&D works having development and quality teams. The research and development activities are carried out in ideal manner to stabilize every model in terms of quality, features and enhancement. The dedicated team works in coordination with other centers across the world to produce high quality mobiles considering various factors such as market research, target customers, competing products etc.

Organizational’ Size & Hierarchy
Total employee size of the organization is approx. 2000 employees and the average age of employees 30. Majority of senior management is home-country based and work in line with the local managers. Also many have come through transfer from other group’s subsidiaries.

Chapter 1
Consider your organization and identify the stage where it creates maximum value? What are the reasons? Also identify untapped opportunity for value creation by HR department of your organization. In growing complexities, it’s utmost important for the organization to redesign and transform its structure and culture to move from present state to the desired future state and thus increase effectiveness , also creating value and enhanced performance Creation of Maximum value. Since the company has recently developed its operations, it’s essential to focus at every level and identify strategies to engage human resources. HR team identified various initiatives during entire employee life cycle. Noida Lab has laid down some of the best example in their transformation process since the company is willing to have an impact: Flattening: Too many levels of hierarchy slow decision-making and are a barrier to empowerment. During the initial growth of the organization, ABC had many levels between the employee and the senior management. Decisions had to pass through many levels of approval before anything got done. Budding Bureaucracy was crushed and de-centralized was encouraged to tap the younger workforce’s mind. This change not only helped the employee but also the customers/ clients linked with the company. Strong emphasis on Onboarding: Comprehensive onboarding programs have been shown to have dramatic and lasting positive effects on retention and engagement rates of new employees. HR created on-boarding toolkit to for every department which included full series of trainings and seminars over an employee’s first year aiming to bring newest employees up to speed efficiently. Research shows that employees...
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