Organizational Diagnosis

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Organizational Diagnosis: The Senior Assistance Center

Executive Summary
Organizational effectiveness is crucial for the success of a business and must be appropriately leveraged with a variety of factors. The Senior Assistance Center (SAC) achieves organizational effectiveness by first, implementing human resource (HR) processes that are appropriate for their non-profit status. This includes assigning HR activities such as hiring, training, and payroll to the upper management team. Second, the SAC invests a great amount of effort in achieving the mission by means of communicating, demonstrating and integrating core values to create a culture that supports the mission, strategically hiring employees, and creating a structure that supports employees. Third, the Executive Director, Carol Johnson has fostered effective organizational behavior and culture by refining her leadership approaches by means of drawing upon her passion for the work she does as well as her empathetic and compassionate nature, refining her people, social and emotional intelligence skills, fostering teamwork, partnering with the staff members, and attaining power through gaining respect and inspiring others. Fourth, change is implemented successfully by aligning the seven key elements outlined by the 7S Model for Change (n.d.) and ensuring that there are strong forces supporting the change before proceeding. Fifth, Training and development is administered on an as needed basis to ensure employees have the most up to date information regarding software, technology and regulations provided by funding partners. Next, team development is fostered though encouraging relationship building, modeling collaborative behavior, mentoring and coaching, supporting a sense of community within the work environment, building skills, and ensuring the staff has clarity in regards to their roles. Last, diversity efforts are executed appropriately in regards to their local status, non-profit status, and target cliental.

The SAC could benefit from integrating games that boost cognitive abilities among older employees, making nutritional supplements, food, and seminars available to both their employees and clients, celebrating small wins among employees and management during intense training sessions and execution of projects, and reminding management to anchor themselves by reflecting, repairing, renewing, and recalibrating on a regular basis.

Organizational Diagnosis: The Senior Assistance Center
The Senior Assistance Center is a thirty-one year old, non-profit organization, designed to meet the emergency and basic human needs of senior citizens living in poverty. Assistance comes to these seniors in the form of clothing, blankets, medical equipment, bus tokens, food from the weekly food bank as well as an emergency food pantry, toiletry items, companionship, referral services, employment opportunities and financial assistance to prevent utility shutoff and eviction as well as dental, optical or other medical needs (SAC website, n.d.). The right structure inside a work environment is important for the overall success of an organization. It is something that can either provide great support to the employees and business as a whole or cause breakdowns in communication and effectiveness. The structure formed at the SAC is very simple, consisting of an executive director, Carol Johnson, three executive assistants and eighteen part time employees. The assistants report to the director and the employees are divided into divisions and report to one of the executive assistants depending on their specific division. In addition, an eleven-member board of director’s team volunteers their time to serve the Senior Assistance Center. The board of directors is Carol Johnson’s support group when it comes to decision making, strategic management, networking, fundraising, and legal matters as they hold (or have held) a diverse...
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