organizational politics

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Introduction to Organisational Politics
“Organizations are social entities that involve a struggle for resources, personal conflicts, and a variety of influence tactics executed by individuals and groups to obtain benefits and goals in different ways” (Molm, 1997). Evaluation of the political environment inside an organisation is a complicated task but it is very important to understand the organisation. Organisation politics is described as strategically designed behaviour by the individuals of an organisatiom in order to maximise the self-interests and because of which the collective organizational goals are hamphered. There is a negative perception of the organisation politics in the minds of people as they see it as a self-serving anlongwith manipulative activity. It makes it difficult for an organisation to work as a single unit as employees involed in politics associates themselves with manipulation, subversiveness, defamation and misuse their powers to attain their objectives. Politics in an organisation is difficult to measure as it an intangible. In a systematic manner it is quite hard to measure the organisational politics. Organisation politics creates the disharmony in the working environment as it involves dishonesty and deception by an indiviadual. Studies have shown that due to the penetration of the politics inside an organisation to deep levels there has been a significant effect observed in the job attitude of the employees. Job dissatisfaction, leass working freedom and feelings of anxiety are common attitudes that follows due to politics in an organisation. Moreover, there is a loss of employee morale and motivation. There is an inferior performance and poor decision making by the employees.

Organisational politics is not always detrimental to an organisation but has got some positive aspects attached to it too. It sometimes act as a natural process for resolving conflicts within organisation. It has been seen that because of it...
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