Organizational Responsibility and Current Helthcare Issues

Topics: Retirement, Old age, Gerontology Pages: 4 (1472 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues Paper People from a distinguish era in America currently have authority. These individuals have the authority to modify legislators, large corporations, politics, pharmaceutical, and health care. This era of distinguished people in America are acknowledged as the Baby Boomers. This era of Americans consist of 78 million infants entering the world between 1946 and 1964. World War II came to a halt in 1945 and soldiers returned home with intentions of bonding his or her family relationship and locate employment as a means to provide financial support for his or her family. Bonding with his or her family came about in a form of expansion more women were pregnant resulting in more babies born in history during this era. Many people chose large families during this era and majority of families consisted of three or more children. During this period advances in pharmaceutical and prenatal care with the lower mortality rates occurred. Therefore, more infants lived and reached adulthood stage coupled with people in need of employment was phenomenal. Numerous industries capitalized the phenomenal increase in available workers and Baby boomers in America are swiftly approaching retirement age. In January 2008, the oldest Baby Boomer became eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Approximately, 78 million infants were born in America from 1946 until 1964 will approach the age most Americans retire every eight seconds. Boomers are acknowledged for his or her need to remain youthful or at least act youth and therefore caused society to ponder his or her character as a senior. Many people believe Baby Boomers will condition the nation’s perspective of the terminology old age, as these individuals remain employed and active longer than his or her

Organizational Responsibility and Current Health Care Issues parents, re-enter as a patient or...
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