Organizational Theory and Management

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Organizational Theory and Management
Jane Doe
Marymount University
Organizational Behavior
MBA 515
Dr. Paul Combs
June 15, 2013
Organizational Theory and Management
This reading analysis compares two key articles written from two unique perspectives that relate to organizational management theories. One article, entitled A Failure in Generalship written by Lt. Colonel Yingling addresses the issue of leadership’s importance in shaping the overall character of the organization in which leadership functions (2013). This article addresses the theoretical perspective of the organization with respect to how its design, management and resource allocation affects its capacity to perform its mission whatever that mission may be. The second article that is examined in relation to the first is a brief succession letter written by Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, in which he informs the company’s Board of Directors (BOD) that he is resigning (2011). The letter is extremely brief and to the point but is extremely focused on a single issue that is pertinent to any organization which is the issue of leadership succession. The two articles essentially raise many of the same issues with respect to organizational theories and particularly contemporary management thought. In fact, it might be argued that these aspects of theory and practice are defining characteristics that differentiate what these two articles are discussing in relation to the organizational culture of bureaucracy and traditional leadership versus Job’s humanistic approach. The first article which relates to the failure of leadership within the U.S. Military speaks to the importance of leadership in preparing the members of the organization to adequately and efficiently operate in the unique environment in which any organization may find itself: “First, throughout the 1990’s our Generals failed to envision the conditions of future combat and prepare their forces accordingly....

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