Organizational Thories

Topics: Dependency theory, Police, Sociology Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Organizational Theories
Elisha A. Tingley
August 6, 2013
Jeff Gold

Organizational Theories
The three organizational theories that are associated with policing are contingency theory, institutional theory, and resource dependent theory. Contingency theory is structured to achieve goals. This theory is best to use when trying to achieve a specific goal. The contingency theory has been used by many researchers to better understand police innovation. Institutional theory is social institutions that are operated to their political environment. This is the theory that police need to be understood. The police actually engage in operational activities. The reason for this is to reflect their ideas and their values shared by institutional environments. There was pressure on the police about the gangs. Therefore, a gang unit was created only because of all the pressure that was exerted. Resource dependency theory suggests that organizations must obtain resources to even survive, and that to obtain these resources they must engage in exchanges with other organizations in their environment (Katz, 2001). The resource dependency police department operates on resources that are available to them. However, not all resource dependency departments receive funding. They might not have the resources to fund a special gang unit. The theory that serves the police organizations would be the contingency theory. The justice system is not perfect; however, the police will patrol an area more if there is a constant problem within that area. They will react to what is happening around them as well.

Katz, C. (2001). The Establishment of Police Gang Unit: An Examination of Organizational and Environmental Factors. Nc: Criminology.
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