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Ancient Greece and Rome 1

Comparing and Contrasting Ancient Greece and Rome
Walter Moore
Cardinal Stritch University
Western Civilization 1 ASB220
September 3, 2011

Ancient Greece and Rome 2
Ancient Greece and Rome are two of the most influential civilizations known in history. This paper will focus on comparing and contrasting both the differences and similarities of both these great civilizations. Some of the major topics that’ll be covered throughout this paper will include the following: Forms of government, the roles of women in both civilizations, and military life.

Ancient Greece and Rome 3
Looking back in ancient times, both the Greek and Roman empires were extremely influential to many modern day cultures and societies. Everything from government, to religion, and to ones overall perspectives and philosophy on life in general is still widely respected and studied by many around the world. This is exactly why these two great civilizations were chosen for this particular assignment. While both empires were extremely similar to each other, there are also many important differences between the two as well. The central focus of this paper will involve identifying just how similar they were in nature, as well as how different they were also. The following important topics were chosen to be evaluated: Forms of government, the roles of women in both civilizations, and military life. Government in both Greece and Rome

Ancient Greece and Rome were two of the greatest civilizations known to man, and it wouldn’t make any sense to analyze both empires without taking a close look into their governmental structures. The Greeks incorporated many forms of government throughout its civilization such as monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies, and eventually converting to a democracy. The Greeks were the first to develop a government run by the people, although not all citizens were included in its democracy. Only free male adult citizens were allowed to participate while women and slaves were excluded (Ancient Greek Government).

In contrast to the Greeks many forms of government, the Romans would adopt the Greeks ideology of democracy but later formed what is known as a republic. This form of

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government would prove to be extremely effective for the Romans, as they would stick to it throughout the course of their empire. They organized it into three categories: legislative, executive, and judicial branches; each area was to perform a specific purpose. This was monumental on behalf of the Romans because it laid the foundation of running a highly organized form of government, one that many future generations would come to emulate. Another contrast to the Greeks was that every citizen under the Roman government had some sort of rights. This can be seen through how both civilizations treated women in general (The Roman Empire, 2011). Roles of Women in Greece

Although both these great civilizations were so much alike, the roles given to women is one area where there were some differences. The best possible way to describe women is Greece was below that of second-class citizenship. They were treated as servants of their husbands and were given no rights whatsoever. Usually women were married off at a very young age to men much older than them; once married they were considered property of their husbands and didn’t hold any authority within their own household. This power was typically given to the mother of their husband. If that wasn’t bad enough, before a woman was married she was under full control of her father, which is sad. Women weren’t even allowed to attend public events such as the popular Olympic games. Not only were they considered servants of their husbands, but they were looked upon as having one primary function, and that was to...

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