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What are the characteristics of the ideal learning organization? The seven characteristics of a learning organization are: innovation and risk taking, attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, and stability. Innovation and risk taking depends primary on the organization’s needs. For instance, an organization could decide to take a risk that could improve or damage the organization. A business that allows innovations must decide the limit or risk they are willing to. An organization must pay close attention to details. Attention to details allows individuals such as management the ability to give details. The details are intended for employee, in which they must follow precisely to the business. For instance, a worker within a restaurant must pay close attention to details given by manager. The details a manager assigns an employee helps to contribute to the business success; therefore, every things must be carefully examine and taken into consideration. However, the characteristic of outcome orientation is a step many manager debate about. The type of business model determines should an individual focus more on processes rather than the outcome. The role of employee within an organization is a characteristic known as people orientation. Many authority figures within an organization focus on their employees. For example, Verizon wireless call center can be considered employee oriented. The authority figures at Verizon wireless purchase meals for the employees, offer gym access, employee discounts, and health care services. The health care services are provided to employees due the stress of the occupation. The Verizon wireless call center gives a good demonstration of people orientation. When authority figures be employee oriented they have a higher turnover rate. In result, this means that learning organizations would actually be difficult to uphold a position .Team Orientation is a characteristic of...
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