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Fabian Ochoa
Carrie Spencer
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February 19, 2013
The Leadership of Alexander the Great

Alexander the third of Macedon was considered to be the great (greatest?) ruler of Asia Minor during his conquest of the Persian Empire. As an effective general, Alexander won the majority of his battles during the conquest, and created new societies for the people. His success created an expansion of the Greek empire, and conquered many lands for Alexander to be considered a great leader, and the creator of Asian civilization. Put this in italics and you have a solid thesis! Was your final decision that he was great then? Remember that this is the central question of the assignment!

During the final years of Alexander’s father; Phillip the second was assassinated as King of Macedonia in the year of 336 B.C.E. (Reword this sentence a bit. During Alexander’s final teen years?) Alexander then took his place as King, and researched interests of science, and philosophy; educated by Aristotle. At the age of nineteen, Alexander first restored the Macedonian rule in Thessaly, and defeated the Thracians in the year of 335 B.C.E. After the first rulings of the western land, Alexander then turned to the Illyrians where he ravaged and ruled and became prime (do you mean that he demonstrated his stron military leadership?) Make sure that you use the sources as your voice. Again, this is one of those papers where your focus is on what you are learning from the primary sources that you read) in military leadership. As Greek lands became overruled during Alexander’s teenage years, Greek civilization turned to Alexander’s control. After the final fight in Thebes, Alexander became victorious, gained power and became a powerful leader to lead his military southward, where the turning point of his conquest began.

After the main lands have (were…stick with past tense….avoid passive voice) been conquered, Alexander declared war on Persia near Troy, where the heart of the Persian...

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