pelopponesian war

Topics: Peloponnesian War, Sparta, Ancient Greece Pages: 3 (621 words) Published: October 11, 2014

Peloponnesian war

When people think of the Peloponnesian war they think only of the major battle and victory of Sparta! But what of the events leading to this triumph?

There was the "first Peloponnesian war"
But this war had only lasted 10 years. During this time the Spartans dominated the land and the Athenians dominated the sea. One advantage the Athens had was that they constructed massive walls all the way from the city to its seaport Piraeus. This allowed them to remain inside the city and still have access to trade and supplies from their ships. Although the Spartans had never breached the walls of Athens during the first war Athens suffered greatly due to a plague outbreak. One important person that was killed during the plague was the great leader and general of Athens, Pericles. Between the "the first Peloponnesian war" and the "Peloponnesian war" a treaty was created. This treaty would be known as "thirty years peace" which was signed by the ancient Greek city-states Athens and Sparta the purpose of the treaty was to prevent another outbreak of war. Ultimately, the peace treaty failed in achieving its goal. Athens was forced to give up all of there possessions in the Peloponnese which included the Megarian ports of Nisaea and Pegae with Troezen and Achaea in Argolis; however the Spartans agreed to allow the Athenians to keep Naupactus. This also ruled out armed conflict between Sparta and Athens if at least one of the two wanted arbitration. Neutral poleis could join either side (i.e. Sparta or Athens and this implies that there was a formalized list of allies for each side. Athens and Sparta would keep all other territories pending arbitration. It also recognized both Leagues as legitimate, a boost for Athens and its newly formed empire in the Aegean. However this thirty years peace treaty would only last thirteen years. The events that led to renewed hostilities came first when Athens allied itself with Corcyra, a strategically important...
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