Personal Learning Paper for Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Organization, Psychology, Organizational studies Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: July 17, 2013
Personal Learning Paper

Besides listing my biggest take away, I hope to be able to create a development plan that would help me learn and hone these essential soft skills. By writing this paper I would like to achieve fine tuning of certain skills that I already believe I have as well as learn a few new skills that I don’t think I possess right now. Personally, before I leave Great Lakes and go back again into the working world with my guns blazing, learning about these before hand is extremely beneficial. While some of the articles make me more confident about getting into the corporate world, some make me feel that I may not appreciate the learning’s unless there is some circumstantial relation to it.

When I first attended the organizational behavior class, I did not know what to expect.   I was expecting an analysis on how corporate and organizations work from a very analytical viewpoint. I realized in the first class that there is so much more to organization behavior that I bargained for. I will start with the two most exciting exercises that were given to us during the lecture which revealed traits within me I was completely unaware of. The Big Five Locator: I always believe that my emotional level was somewhere between responsive and reactive but the score indicated that I had a very high negative emotionality. I was always a very emotional person and I believed it to be normal for everyone but after coming here and interacting with around three hundred odd colleagues I realized I was way too emotional. This task helped me know a little more about myself. Managing Perceptions: This exercise revealed the huge difference between what I perceived about myself and what others did. I always found status and high self esteem to be most important to me but others rated my social nature highest. I also realized that I had rated people highest in parts where I would have rated myself highest. This further clarified that people tend to see others the way they...
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