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History and Importance of Photography
In today’s society, how would we be sensed about past events, present news, and even see a flash into the future? With a simple enclosed box, the invention of the image projecting camera was created. Over the years the use of photography turned into a hobby, and was also made more well known by many of its users. The overall history of the camera is significant, along with the people who made it all possible; photography is also incredibly relevant in the world surrounding us today.

“Camera Obscura, Latin for “dark room,” refers to a dark box in which light rays from an object pass through a small hole or lens to produce the image on the plate or film contained inside. Through much consideration among historians, it was agreed that Johannes Kepler, the German astronomer, was the first scientist to actually use a device called a camera. Many years before the camera was created, there was such existence as photo copying, which was almost 2,000 years before the camera obscura was even created. The Greek philosopher Aristotle “…discovered that by passing sunlight through a pinhole, he could create a reversed image of the Sun on the ground…(Watson),” he used a device that allowed him to see solar as well as lunar eclipses without looking directly into the blinding light; this dated back to as early as 300 B.C. E. The same idea of using an enclosed box as a “dark room” was later used for the “modern” day camera which was invented in the early 1800’s. When the camera began to make its publicity, the impact of seeing an image projected on a wall did not accord well with Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was outraged when they saw actual photos projected on a wall, and thought the camera was actually an act of witchcraft. Any work involving the camera or projection of images during this time was banned for six years after. Before long, an English man named William Henry Fox Talbot “…developed a negative-positive process, which...
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