Policy Evaluation

Topics: Human trafficking, Human rights, Prostitution Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: November 10, 2013
CWTS03 / B9
Huerte, Leo Francis A.November 1, 2013
2012106442 ; CpE – 2

After reading the said article, I learned that its main purpose is for protecting children against all forms of abuse, exploitation, and discrimination, given their unique standing in society. This law was approved on June 17, 1992. Moreover, it is written in this law that the State should create sanctions to deter violations against children such as trafficking, child prostitution and other forms of sexual abuse, and discrimination against children from indigenous communities. Children should also be protected from maltreatment through special provisions in cases of child employment. In areas of armed conflict, children serving as combatants are sanctioned separately from adults, and civilian children are given special protection to ensure their safety and non-participation in the conflict. In essence, RA 7610 allows children to enjoy their rights protected from any abuse or prejudice which may threaten their development. One scenario that shows its application is the alarming issue of Child Prostitution. It has long been a concern of child advocates. Today, child prostitution continues to be a problem of significance importance globally, especially in the Philippines, with an increased number of teens falling into prostitution. One cannot mistaken that child prostitution only involves the girls as studies have shown that the number of males under age 16 that are involved in prostitution are equally as many as girls. Therefore, it is important for the society to tackle this global issue by finding its root causes and looking into them to find solutions. In this practice, the children engage in sexual activity for monetary gain especially by the adults who either are their parents or their caretakers. Some children enter into prostitution due to the hard situations they face while others are sold into sexual...
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