Politically Incorrect humour and satire

Topics: Political correctness, Bill Maher, Satire Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: November 26, 2013

”I got a feeling about political correctness. I hate it. It causes us to lie silently instead of saying what we think” – Hal Halbrook, famous Hollywood Actor.

We live in the times, when we have to watch almost every single word we say, in case not to offend anyone, especially some particular racial, ethnic or religious groups. What is even more restrictive banned is making laugh out of someone who could ever feel hurt by our jokes. This is a really brief definition of what we call nowadays the political correctness (or political correctitude), but those few starting words are surely not enough to define what the real problem behind this term looks like and what does the notion itself stands for. This paper is going to research over the topic of “Politically incorrect humor and satire in contemporary English-speaking media”.

The reasons for discussing such a topic are multiple. First of all is the ambitious part. Political incorrectness is something that – as even the name suggests – is not going to be widely discussed in worldwide, or even nationwide media, because it is not correct to do so. As it is not correct, it can also be called risky or even dangerous. We all know the examples such as the case of “Jylands-Posten”, the Danish newspaper that first published the caricature of Mahomet – Islamic prophet, which was later on reprinted in many of European countries. Publishing such a pictures was highly incorrect in the opinion of Muslims, who got really angry and even wanted to kill the author of those pictures. Also the case of Bill Maher, who was expelled from the Television Station, for which he was working for, shortly after he said that it was not cowardice to destroy World Trade Center Towers using a plane in which the terrorist is sitting, but cowardice is to lob cruising missiles from two thousand miles away, as the Americans did. As it was mentioned before, shortly after letting this words out, he was dismissed from ABC and his...
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