Poverty-Driven Child Sex Industry

Topics: Prostitution, Ho Chi Minh City, Human trafficking Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: July 20, 2013
|Pedophiles Target Vietnam's Poverty-Driven Child Sex Industry | |by Tran Dinh Thanh Lam |

|READ |[pic] |(IPS) HO CHI MINH CITY -- The recent arrests of former British pop singer Gary Glitter and a German | |Vietnam A Major Center | |tourist on child-abuse charges have raised concerns that Vietnam is turning into a pedophile hot spot. | |For Human Trafficking | |Speculating on the whereabouts of Glitter before his Nov. 25 arrest, an international newspaper suggested| | | |that he could be holing up in Vietnam and had perhaps died of bird flu. | | | |It turned out that the singer has been sneaking in and out of Vietnam as a tourist, but did not suffer | | | |anything worse than arrest and detention in police custody for three months. | | | |Gary Glitter was famous in the late 1970s for such hits as "I'm the Leader of the Gang" and "Do You Wanna| | | |Touch Me," but after being jailed in 1999 for possessing more than 4,000 pornographic photos and videos | | | |of children, his fan following faded away. He now spends time touring developing countries like Vietnam. |

|[pic] |This year, when the former British rocker slipped into Vietnam, it was the third time since 2002. He was arrested| |BREAKING NEWS  |on specific charges of child abuse, including that of three underage girls -- one of them only 11. | |3 MAY   0000 ET |Earlier in the year, police also arrested a German tourist, Waga Nils Carsten, accused of abusing some...
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