Power, Conflict and Resistance

Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, Organizational culture Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: September 4, 2011
BUSM 4097 Organisational Theory
Semester 2 2011

Assignment 1: Essay
Due date:Week 9
Length:1,800 words

Before starting this essay read carefully the ‘Guide to Assignment One’ and the ‘Criteria for Assessment’.

Aims of the assignment

The aims of this assignment are for you to:

develop your understanding of the nature of organisation theory; •develop your understanding of different theoretical approaches and how they can be applied to understand different aspects of an organisation. •gain skills in the written presentation of an argument, including the ways in which scholars incorporate and acknowledge the ideas of other writers


'Power, conflict and resistance are key determinants of organisational life'.

Modern, symbolic-interpretive, post-modern and critical theory perspectives have different ways of understanding power, control and resistance in organisations.

Choose two of the four theoretical perspectives and discuss how each perspective’s understanding of power, control and resistance in organisations contributes to different ideas about organisational structure and organisational culture.

Present your argument in an essay format. You may use examples to support your argument. In answering the question please remember it asks you about ways of seeing, understanding and analysing and not doing, managing or constructing.

You are required to engage with and reference a minimum of six different sources which includes the textbook and Jaffee, 2008. Students will be expected to use the Library and other resources such as the World Wide Web to access relevant information.

Criteria for assessment

For this assignment your essay will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates:

• an accurate comprehension of the three perspectives;
in-depth engagement with academic sources relevant to the topic; and •an ability to write a clear and compelling, well-presented and properly referenced...
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