Preserving our Past

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Preserving Our Past
Preserving Our Past
We are blessed. I believe this because being of the younger generation we have not had to endure some of the hardships that older generations have. I being African American can attest to this. I have the right to vote, the right to attend school where I want, and the ability to walk into businesses without any hassle. But it wasn’t always like this, Elders fought hard for our equal rights. And as being part of the present and future generations, I feel like it is our duty to protect our past, and make sure the elderly are not neglected. As we get older, we do not know what may happen to us. We need people looking after us. It may come in the form of medical professionals or the help of family. Both can work together and should work together. For example, my dad is older and has been in a wheelchair for the past 8 years. Our family do what we can to make him comfortable. We are his care givers so to speak. We run some of his errands, take him to doctor’s appointments, make sure his living environment is clean, and make sure his hygiene is also kept up. My father also has home health care nurses that visit his house a couple times a week. They do stuff for him that we cannot do because they are health care professionals. Not all of the elderly gets this kind of care. A survey was conducted by the NGO HelpAge India that was giving in 20 cities estimates that one-third of the elderly they suffered abuse. (Abuse of the Elderly, 2012). “As many as 31 per cent of the 56,000 people interviewed reported experiencing abuse. About 44 per cent respondents identified disrespect as the most common form of abuse, 30 per cent identified neglect as the second most common form, and 26 per cent mentioned verbal abuse.” (Abuse of the Elderly, 2012). It is said in the article that, most abuse is reported by the family. “Neglect of the elderly happens often simply because people are not educated about the progressive debilitating diseases of the aged. In many cases, it is a form of denial by their supposed caretakers, caused mainly because people do not want to face their own mortality, and so they look with a blind eye to the early symptoms in their relatives, all of the geriatric specialists said.” (Stableford, 2005). Elderly people are our gateway to the past. We should have the upmost respect for them. Protecting them should be in our best interest. The elderly endured many hardships, and fought for our rights, we should cherish their past and embrace our future that we wouldn’t have if they did not fight for us.

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