Pro and Con of of Depend on Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Thailand, Prostitution Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: April 6, 2012
Pros and cons of depend on tourism

Today, many people spend almost all of their money on traveling around the world. Their expenditure makes a big income for many countries such as Caribbean, Egypt or Thailand. This is advantageous to the countries’ development; otherwise, tourism is impacting on these countries. Environmental pollution, destruction of monuments and dilution of culture are some problems that these countries’ government must solve if they depend solely on tourism revenues.

Caribbean is an example about impact of tourism on environment. This region gets Millions of tourists each year; it provides big income for Caribbean. A part of this money is reinvested to build hotel, golf course, resort… However, the more golf course, the more natural landscapes are destroyed. Not only that, waste water has polluted surrounding tourist attractions, damaging the flora and fauna. It’s the problem in Caribbean, that country use natural landscapes to attract foreign tourists. On other hand, impacts of tourism in Egypt are different.

In Egypt, pros and cons of tourism are showed on Egypt’s monuments. These wonder not only help Egypt gets Billions of dollars each year but also make people understand about Egypt’s history. But day by day, the tourists who don’t observe the law are destroying these monuments; they draw on pyramid, drop litter, and even demolish it. Egypt’s government hopes propaganda and strict law can make visitors more concerned about the conservation of wonder.

Thailand is another story about depend on tourism. Millions of visitors each year are the lifeblood of many Thais, but they are the cause that changing Thailand’s culture. Prostitution is an example; the sex trade in Thailand is growing to satisfy foreign travelers. It makes a huge tax for Thailand’s government without pollution or investment, and helps many Thai girls have enough money to live. But Prostitution is destroying Thailand’s traditions and increasing sexual...
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