problems encountered by the female prostitute at night clubs in zamboanga city

Topics: Prostitution, Male prostitution, Prostitution in the Netherlands Pages: 11 (2381 words) Published: March 4, 2014
Problems Encountered by the Female Prostitute in selected Night Clubs in Zamboanga City

A Thesis Presented to
The College of Social Work and Community Development

In partial fulfillment in the Bachelor’s degree in Social Work

Katrina C. Alesna
Sheila Mae D. Guantero
Fatima Raiza L. Jamaluddin

The researchers would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Chairperson Prof. Emerita T. Basilio for motivating and guiding their study. Big thanks to the endless effort of giving advices of Prof. Chester L. Coronel to the researcher’s study. Also, to the panel members Prof. Jose Miguel B. Alvarez, Prof. Wylen L. Lipanglipang for the support and for approving the study... Without the clubs who welcomes warmly the researchers and also to the respondents in letting the researchers get more information from them, this idea would not be their study. To the researcher’s loving parent who supports them financially, to the patience they give and for understanding. To their relatives and friends who believe in their strengths. To Almighty Father, keep on reminding the researchers not to give up in trials they encountered in doing this research and guides the researcher’s way to success. Thank you and God bless.


The researchers would like to express their sincere thanks to the following person’s who’s immeasurable contributions have made possible to completion of this work worthwhile.
We humbly dedicate this thesis to our loving parents for always been supporting us financially and mentally all through year. For the love, comfort, their unconditional love, the inspiration in everything we do and most especially they are the reasons why came into this far.

To our friends in common and relatives who keep on encouraging us to do the best of the best that we can do in achieving our goals in the future.
To our adviser and panel teachers who keep on supporting us all the way and for being our mentors in doing this study.
And above of all to our Almighty Father for giving us strength and aspirations in everything we do in life, for this guidance from above why He keep surviving from all the trials and challenges that we faced and of course for this His will in making this study possible.


This research is successful because of the people around me who give encouragement and guidance. I dedicate this message to them.
To my much-loved mother Merlyn D. Vistal and my stepfather Ricardo B. Vistal support me, financially and also motivate me to pursue my studies. My beloved siblings who give inspiration, they are one of the reasons why I study hard and to finish my course. To my relatives and friends who are willing to help and support me.

To our chairperson, adviser and panel members, without their help, this research would not be successful. Thank you for guiding us.
To my co researchers, even it is hard for us to communicate because of the hectic schedules but this is it we come up this research. We successfully made it, without your cooperation it will not work out.

To my dearly loved, you keep on reminding me to focus in my studies and not to be distracted. Giving reminders to finish this research as soon as possible and giving care during our data gathering. You are there for me always.

Above all to my Almighty Father, strengthen me to do everything. Without him, I’m nothing. The unconditional loved that He extends and pouring blessings to his princess. He never leaves me. Thank you so much and God bless. Sheila Mae D. Guantero

I sincerely dedicate my achievement to my family especially to my aunt Ananghati D. Jamaluddin and to my sister Sheara Jane L. Jamaluddin, for the financial support, care, love and patient =) and to my brother thanks for helping, guiding us in during the interview....
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