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Full Time MBA Program - Leadership 2
Autumn 1999
Professor Mark P. Kriger

Office: 32-20Phone: 67-55-72-67
Office Hours: Wednesdays 13:00 - 14:30 and by appointment

1) ** Iverson, K. Plain Talk: Lessons from a Business Maverick, John Wiley, Inc., 1998. 2) ** Beckhard, R. & R.T. Harris, Organizational Transitions: Managing Complex Change, 2nd edition, 1987. (B&H) 3) ** Kouzes, J.M. & B.Z. Posner, The Leadership Challenge: How to Keep Getting Extraordinary Things Done in Organizations, 1995. (K&P). 4) Leavitt, Pondy, & Boje, Readings in Managerial Psychology, 4th ed., 1989. (LPB) (from Leadership 1) . – selected portions 5) Mintzberg, H. Structure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations, 1993. (from Leadership 1) .

Cases and Reprints:
Fred Henderson - HBS Case #480-043
Renn Zaphiropoulos - HBS Case #480-044
Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc. (A) - HBS Case #9-486-083 Revolution at Oticon A/S (A) - ECCH #494-016-1
Cray Research, Inc. - HBS Case #385-011
The Body Shop International - HBS Case #392-032
"Managing Your Boss,"Gabarro & Kotter, HBR reprint #80104.
“Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail,” Kotter, HBR reprint #95204 "The Hidden Side of Organizational Leadership," L.B. Barnes & M.P. Kriger, SMR. “Making Sense of Managerial Wisdom,” by L. Malan & M.P. Kriger, JMI.

** = Need to purchase.


Leadership 2 builds on Leadership 1, but emphasizes more the issues involved in realizing and implementing change in organizations through and with others. The focus is both on organizational change and on getting things done. An overall strategic perspective is present in Leadership 2 in terms of the organizational level change focus as well as the means for creating organizational adaptation and flexibility.

The aims of Leadership 2 are: (1) to understand the challenges facing leaders and managers engaged in efforts of organizational change and transformation; (2) to develop leadership skills for the implementation of change in organizations; (3) to learn how to perform organizational assessments oriented towards change; and (4) to learn how to generate and to defend detailed action plans.

This course is designed to increase your ability to perform strategic assessments for an institution, (or a division or unit within an institution.) This includes: (1) being able to sort out (from the available information) the important from the not-so-important; (2) being able to articulate and be explicit about action alternatives; and (3) being able to put it all together into a course of action which describes not only what to do but also how to do it and when. To achieve these objectives, the course is designed as an integrative course; that is, it will encourage you to keep in mind and draw upon all the functional areas: marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, management information systems, human resource management, and organizational behavior. Our focus will be on the leadership skills, tools, and vantage-point needed to effect change in organizations.


There will be two written case analyses and a final term paper. The due dates for the written assignments are noted below in this syllabus. Grading will be: 1) 20% for each of the two case analyses, 2) 40% for the final leadership/ change paper (written in groups), and 3) 20% for class participation. I will attempt to grade every student on participation each class. High quality preparation for class and intelligent, active participation is expected. I will also attempt to give priority to first-time contributors at each session, and to keep any individuals from dominating the class sessions.


You are expected to leave the course able to analyze complex organizational situations and create detailed recommendations for action. The course learning...
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