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Examination Paper of Project Management

IIBM Institute of Business Management
Examination Paper


Project Management
Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 marks)

This section consists of Multiples choice and Short Note Type questions. Answer all the questions.
Part one carries 1 mark each and Part Two carries 4 marks each.

Part One:
Multiple choices:
1. Liquidation value of the firm’s assets could be considered as________________ a. The minimum wealth of shareholder
b. The maximum wealth of shareholder
c. The average wealth of shareholder
d. None
2. If ‘P’ be the initial investment, ‘I’ be the interest rate and ‘T’ be the time period for which funds are invested then interest earned will be______________ a. P*I/T
b. P*T/I
c. (P*I*T)2
d. P*I*T
3. Following the above given conditions, compound Interest be given by___________ a. P*(1+I)1/T
b. P*(1+I)T
c. (P*I*T)T
d. Can not be calculated
4. Firms resorting to ‘Proactive Growth’?
a. Do constant strategic planning
b. Watch things happening
c. Never plan but work on fortune
d. None
5. ‘SPACE’ stands for___________________
6. Increasing marketing expenditure leading to an increased market share is known as________________
a. Market development
b. Market penetration
c. Market expansion
d. Market growth
IIBM Institute of Business Management

Examination Paper of Project Management
7. If profit after tax is ‘A’ ,depreciation be ‘B’ and interest be ‘I’ then Interest cover ratio is given by______________
8. E-V rule is also called_____________
a. Mean co variance rule
b. Mean variance rule
c. Mean deviation rule
d. None
9. In case of internally generated funds the opportunity cost to the firm is____________ a. Zero
b. The lending rate
c. The borrowing rate
d. None
10. ‘PERT’ stands for__________________
Part Two:

Write a note on ‘Sinking Fund Payment’.


Differentiate between PERT and CPM Model?


What is ‘Capital Asset...
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