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Prostitutes in Thailand Should be Legal, Or Not?
In 2001, there were 2.02 million of prostitutes in Thailand according to the research of Thai Child Rights Organization, while in 2005, the number of prostitutes was increasing to 2.51 million. Although prostitute is an illegal occupation, the number of them is still increasing in each year. Is it better if we use the law to control this job by making it as a legal occupation? There are 3 advantages to make prostitute as the legal occupation concerning about the economic side which are receiving more taxes, decreasing the health’s budget according to sexually transmitted disease, and decreasing the government’s corruption.

Firstly, we can receive more taxes from legal prostitute. In Switzerland, the country that prostitute is legal, prostitutes gain 1.18 trillion Baht (3.5 billion Swiss Franc) income per year to their country which means that the country receives 0.59 trillion Baht for taxes . According to the thesis of Chulalongkorn University in 2009, the average income of prostitutes which the age of 18-35, 80 percent of all prostitutes, is approximately 85,000 Baht/month and the number of prostitutes is 1.6 million. Thailand uses the progressive tax rates which mean the more you got, the more you pay taxes. Prostitute has to pay 84,000[70,000(the income subtracted all expenses)*12*0.2(rate of taxes for people who have the income more than 500,000 Baht/year]Baht/year for taxes which means that the government should receive approximately 13.44 trillion Baht/year (84,000 Baht*1.6 million prostitutes). Not only the income of government that will increase, but the expense from health’s budget is also decreasing too.

Regarding to the latest sentence, being prostitute to be a legal occupation can cost less money on Public Health’s budget. In 2012, Thai government spent 134 million on AIDs patients. Government has to spend 2.74 million Baht on 1 patient per year. It can be said that if number of AIDs is...

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