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Top 10 Pros and Cons

Should prostitution be legal?

The PRO and CON statements below give a five minute introduction to the debate on prostitution. (Read more information about our one star to five star Theoretical Expertise System.)

Victimless Crime?

2.Prostitution & Free Choice
3.Morality of Prostitution
4.Human Trafficking
5.Prostitution & Violence

6.HIV/AIDS Prevention
7.Prevalence of Rape
8.Prostitution as a Legitimate Business
9.Prostitution as a Career Option
10.Former Prostitutes' Viewpoints on Prostitution

PRO Legal Prostitution

CON Legal Prostitution

1. Victimless Crime?

PRO: "Prostitution should not be a crime. Prostitutes are not committing an inherently harmful act. While the spread of disease and other detriments are possible in the practice of prostitution, criminalization is a sure way of exacerbating rather than addressing such effects. We saw this quite clearly in the time of alcohol prohibition in this country.

...What makes prostitution a 'victimless crime' in the sense that no one is necessarily harmed by it is that there are consenting adults involved."

Sherry F. Colb, JD
Judge Frederick Lacey Scholar at Rutgers Law School
E-mail to
Dec. 17, 2006

CON: "MYTH 2 - Prostitution is a victimless crime.

Prostitution creates a setting whereby crimes against men, women, and children become a commercial enterprise.... It is an assault when he/she forces a prostitute to engage in sadomasochistic sex scenes. When a pimp compels a prostitute to submit to sexual demands as a condition of employment, it is exploitation, sexual harassment, or rape -- acts that are based on the prostitute's compliance rather than her consent. The fact that a pimp or customer gives money to a prostitute for submitting to these acts does not alter the fact that child sexual abuse, rape, and/or battery occurs; it merely redefines these crimes as prostitution."

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Female Juvenile Prostitution: Problem and Response

2. Prostitution & Free Choice

PRO: "We chose sex work after we did a lot of things we couldn't stand. Sex work is better. For me, sex work isn't my first choice of paying work. It just happens to be the best alternative available. It's better than being president of someone else's corporation. It's better than being a secretary. It is the most honest work I know of."

Veronica Monet
Prostitute and Author
in Gauntlet Magazine

CON: "The ILO [International Labour Organization] report admits that most women...
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