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Prostitution in Nigeria

Prostitution is most common in impoverished nations, where it serves only as another means for survival. As a third world country in West Africa, Nigeria serves as a good example of a country where a bad economy and a society thriving to succeed influence the rise of prostitution. Prostitution in Nigeria is majorly existent on university campuses, where girls are fully developed in biologically. Such high rates of prostitution at this level of education are caused by lack of parental control and peer pressure to fit into a materialistic society. (Uzokwe), contrary to the popular belief that prostitution in third world countries is the result of a need-based economy that girls only go into prostitution because they have no other options in life and it serves as a sole means of survival.

Parental responsibility is an important aspect of Nigerian culture. Children highly value and respect the opinions of their parents. However, when parents start to promote and refuse to hinder notorious activities such as prostitution, the downfall of a child is long awaiting. All our lives, when we get scolded at by our parents, get punished or are restricted from doing certain things, we eagerly await the day we finally get away from them; to finally be free. The start of a university education represents that freedom. It represents the beginning of a life without parental rules and restrictions, nobody to watch what you’re doing, or to tell you what is wrong from right.

A university is a place to find one's self and be one's self. Therefore, a certain sense of guidance one has received from having parents around prior to that point in life is crucial to finding your way properly. It can be said that those who have not been properly brought up from childhood are the ones who easily get caught up in the world of prostitution. (Uzokwe) Some parents even go so far as to encourage their children, though not always with words....

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