Prostitution and Fashion

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Whether in real life or not, we have at least some idea of how the prostitutes dress and what is their style of clothing. Be it the Bollywood actress Rani mukharjee playing the role of ‘’tawaiff’ (prostitute) in the movie Mangal Pandey, or Madhuri Dixit in Devdas, there has been quite a few similarities in the way these two actresses were dressed and portrayed even after being from two different part of the Indian history. Talking about another example where the protagonist wears traditional Indian attire, Kareena Kapoor wearing saree with vibrant colours like red, blue, and other bright colours with shiny borders and gaudy embroidery in the movie ‘Chameli’ where she plays the role of a prostitute who was sold to a brothel by her uncle when she was young. Or if we compare Hollywood actress Julia Roberts from the movie Pretty Woman and Rani Mukherjee from the movie Laga Chunari Mei Daag, we can see many similarities in the style of their clothing and behaviour as well. This means that the power of media and entertainment has already indoctrinated the immediate image of prostitutes from different times in our mind. In this research there is a study on Indian as well as foreign female escorts also known as prostitutes. The research also includes their lifestyle and their style of clothing and how it reflects on their behaviour and to the society.

The dressing and lifestyle of escorts are very revealing and unethical and it is against our customs to sell body for money. The dresses are very anti social, revealing, and unacceptable. They must be living a very unhygienic life and they are morally ill. But if we consider the girls who are forced to get into such profession are very helpless and they need to be saved. We cannot blame the young innocents for what they are but the people involved in this business should be slaughtered.

The objective of this study is to learn and understand the type of clothing accepted and adopted by prostitutes across the world and their perception about it. Our objective is also to understand their behaviour regarding their profession and to compare it all with our hypothesis.

Primary research:
Imagine waking up one day needing some extra cash and having no way of getting it. There’s no food in the fridge, you have bills to pay, you have a job, but it doesn’t pay nearly enough for your costs and each breathe you take is accompanied with the worry and the realization that you might not make it through another day. Getting an extra job is just a bandage on a situation that is getting worse, considering that because of your lack of education or networking skills you’ll most likely be stuck flipping burgers or asking some shopper at the super market if they are paying cash or credit. Or imagine for a minute you’ve been told from the time you were young that the only way for you to get out of the barrio is finding some guy with big pockets to pay your way. Having the idea entrenched in your psyche that your brains aren’t good enough to make it through, but rather low cut shorts and revealing outfits are an easier and more lucrative ticket out of a situation. For some these scenarios aren’t far from reality. While interviewing a female escort on phone we got to know their choice of clothing and how appropriate it is for them to dress this way in relation with their profession. We also got to know their lifestyle and the pros and cons of getting into such profession. There have been many reasons for different girls for getting into this profession. Many of these escorts belong to different parts of the country and some of them are from the neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. As told by the person on phone, in a profession where the appearance is all that talks, they have to be dressed as per the changing scenario. Earlier they had a...
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