Topics: Prostitution, Brothel, Prostitution in Nevada Pages: 5 (1234 words) Published: December 24, 2014
Illegality of Prostitution
Prostitution is the procedure of supplying sex to someone, the ‘john’, usually through females, earning money in return for the job done. It’s illegal in numerous countries but is continuous regardless. Some countries located mostly in Southeast Asia, and a few states in the United States of America, such as Nevada, legalize prostitution, while others prohibit such acts. Sex-trafficking, rape, AIDS/HIVS/STDS, child prostitution, and forced prostitution are only some of the major reasons prostitution should fundamentally be illegal. Data and statistics show a lot more information and legitimate reasons for prostitution to be illegal. Sex-trafficking is first and fore-most. It is something that’s crucial factor, is globalized, and is on-going through present-day (Seager, 56-57). Young girls are shipped from country-to-country for the use of sex-trade. Sex-trafficking is most indefinitely and majorly used for prostitution and for the use of brothel owners as well. The girls/women that are sex-trafficked were lured, captured, and tricked into entering that line (Seager, 56-57). Those women/girls were told or started jobs as maids and waitresses and were then forced into prostitution (Seager, 56-57). Due to sex-trafficking, girls are open to rape, abuse, violence, and AIDS/HIVS/STDS. Globalization is one of the major reasons for sex-trafficking (Kristof & WuDunn, 3-16). It is committed globally due to desperate fails economically. Numerous courses of these transactions take place in East and Southeast Asia, as well as Central, Eastern, and Western Europe (Seager, 56-57). One couldn’t possibly imagine that there are over 30 million people throughout the world that has HIV and that more than half of them are women (Seager, 48-49). AIDS and HIVS are prominent to girls that are prostituted or sex-trafficked. The word gain is ironic in this situation, more so that these young girls and women are involuntarily punished for eternity with these diseases that will kill them or leave them to suffer a painful slow death in the end anyway if it is incurable. The demands for younger and younger girls are prominent because of the scare of being infected with AIDS or HIVS (Seager, 48-49, 56-57). These requests are brought in mostly by men bargaining with brothel owners and pimps. AIDS/HIV/STDs is an effect of forced prostitution There are organizations supporting prostitution, these organizations believe that the solution to safe sex is condoms and ‘don’t forget to use lots of them’(Kristof & WuDunn, 23-34); the thought processed it that this solution will definitely prevent AIDS and HIVS. Society cannot be sure whether or not the procedure will take place. It is unknown what happens as soon as ‘that curtain goes down' as one would say...

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