Prostitution in Europe

Topics: Prostitution, Decriminalization, Law Pages: 9 (1433 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Prostitution in Europe

The world’s largest trade, prostitution, has always found ways to overcome the

legal attempts to suppress it. Prostitution has become one of the most common trades

throughout the world. Many poor countries have turned to prostitution as an outlet

from their economic difficulties. It is the easiest from of labor for those who do not have

a proper education or the economic background to join the legal labor force. Many men

and women have found this line of work to be extremely rewarding in monetary aspects.

Therefore the globalisation and popularity of prostitution is not seen as a huge surprise.

Prostitution has been on the streets and behind doors since the sixteenth century.

It was present during the medieval period through the Victorian period and now to the

present time. In the past, prostitution was seen as morally wrong and a great “social

evil”. During the medieval time in Europe and England, prostitutes were fully exploited

by society. In medieval Europe and England, prostitutes were known to be single women

who could not marry. There were not many opportunities for single women in the labor

force during this time. If women were unable to marry, they turned to prostitution as an

alternative out of economic necessity. The medieval society felt the need to stigmatize

and exploit the single women for prostitution. The Victorians saw prostitution as a

“social evil” and refused to accept it in their society. Prostitution was tolerated in a

sense, but seen as big nuisance in the streets. Society was disturbed by it, but did nothing

to change the problem. Children were forced into prostitution by their parents or

guardians. Many women and children were given off to perform sexual activities in

exchange for money. The Victorians tolerated prostitution, but never accepted it as part

of their society. By the mid-nineteenth century, prostitution became more open and

accepted. Men of all social classes went to brothels and engaged in sexual activities with

street prostitutes. The government became lenient in their resistant to strengthening the

laws against prostitutes. Regulation or systematic toleration was put into place as a result

of the changing attitudes towards prostitution. The government realized that prostitution

could never completely disappear, so it was tolerated and regulated simultaneously.

Street prostitution is the largest group of prostitution today. It is the easiest to

join because there are not many necessities or requirements involved. Three major

groups of street prostitution exist. Professionals who work full time for a living, the ones

who work to feed a habit, and the part-time workers who work to support their family

The professionals join this line of work through their own volition and make a long life

career out of it. Many of them are sex crazed and therefore choose to become prostitutes.

The prostitutes that work to feed a habit, usually work to get money for drugs and

alcohol. Intravenous drugs has become linked with prostitution in the past few years.

The criminalization of prostitution has forced it into the streets where drugs and alcohol

are abundantly present. The prostitutes become addicted to the drugs and use prostitution

to feed this addiction. Part-time workers need the money to feed their children, pay the

bills, or for extra cash. They usually practice prostitution on the side to make ends meet.

Street prostitution has become one of the biggest trades for women who need easy money

Prostitution has been criminalized for so long, but still the problems have not

been solved or even slightly changed. It has been pushed underground where it has

become the third most commonest way of transmission of AIDS and the closest

association of drugs. The criminalization of prostitution has caused it to become unsafe,

unclean, and...
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