Prostitution in Pomeii

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Sex in the City
Prostitution and Other Indulgences in Pompeii

Throughout history, prostitution has been considered the “Age Old Profession”. In the United States where prostitution is considered illegal, certain cities have had their experience of working girls, gentlemen’s clubs and other sex related entertainment. Nevada is the only city with legal prostitution, such as the Bunny Ranch, a well-known brothel that even has a reality series. Other cities such as New York City – Time Square, were infamous for their “illegal” prostitution and sex business until the 1990’s. Before the New York Times had the building, Marc Eliot states “…dozen of prostitutes worked both sides of the Times Tower… the business of sex dramatically increased its visibility on the city’s newest and most popular main drag”. In 1880 it was estimated that a dozen brothels each lined West 39th and 40th streets alone. According to VR Macbeth, Sex in the Square Article he states: In 1880 it was estimated that a dozen brothels each lined West 39th and 40th streets alone. West 39th was such a well-known place for French brothels it was dubbed "Soubrette Row" by patrons. French prostitutes were notorious for having no limits: they would do anything and everything for the right price. Time Square used to be a hot spot for “Live Nude Girls” and “Peep Shows” for anyone’s pleasure.. After your show, you could go to any back corner and find girls (and possibly guys) for your enjoyment. Eventually, this prosperous form of business that people once turned a blind eye to, was eventually cleaned up and done away with (or at least slowed down tremendously) After the crackdown on prostitution in the 1990’s, it became more difficult to find established prostitution in New York City. If archeologist centuries from now were to come to New York City – Time Square, they may find very little evidence of prostitution now, as in previous times were prostitution was evident from block to block. However, in the Ancient City of Pompeii, evidence of prostitution was prevalent throughout the city.

Brief History
Pompeii was first occupied in the 8th Century, first by the Etruscans in the 5th and 6th centuries BC, followed by the Samnites reining until 200 BC, which the Romans conquered. Before the Romans came into play, Greeks and Etruscans were interested in the development of Pompeii (Thames 72). Both groups of people established trade and building the land through construction (Thames 72). The Greeks first came into conflict in Pompeii with the Samnites in the 5th Century. By the mid-4th Century, Hordes of Samnites were moving into Campania, and in 343 BC the Capua appealed, and Romans had defeated the Samnites and gain control of Campania (Thames 78). Pompeii and other parts of Campania were brought under Roman rule (Thames 78). Pompeii was under Romans control until the end, in 79 AD when Mt Vesuvius erupted and completely destroyed Pompeii. During the Roman Era of Pompeii, at the end of the 3rd Century, what was a small farming community began seeing great prosperity (Thames 81). What used to be farming land was developing into high-status houses. With the development of homes and political influence, Pompeii became a proper urban community. What use to be a rural community, was now a fast pace urban city. The population of Pompeii was hard to determine, estimated between 6,400 to 30,000 inhabitants, but most scholars believe it may be between 8,000 and 12,000 people (Thames 89). The people of the city were a mixed class, being of free-born men, slaves and freemen. Free born men were the political and social elite; however the freed men could be successful, but not able to obtain political office. Because of Pompeii location near the water, it was common to attract trade from neighboring countries. Trade and construction weren't the only forms of building economic growth. There were also markets and our closes version of fast food in the city. There were...
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