Prostitution Legalization

Topics: Prostitution, Sexually transmitted disease, Human sexual behavior Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Reasons For Legalizing Prostitution
1. Victimless Crime: Prostitution is considered a victimless crime as long as the people involved are consenting adults and no one is hurt. Prostitution does not imply there is always a victim. 2. Free Choice: Consenting adults should have freedom of choice as they see fit, as long it is does not restrict the freedoms of others. 3. Free Sex is Legal: Having sex without a fee is legal, therefore charging for something that is not illegal should not make that something illegal. 4. Acceptable Morality: Having sex with someone who you are not married to is legal and morally acceptable in most cultures. Having sex for entertainment purposes is also legal and morally acceptable in most cultures. 5. Less Violence, Rapes, and Human Trafficking: In countries and states where prostitution is legal, it has been proven to be physically and emotionally safer than where prostitution is illegal. Furthermore, legalize prostitution even reduces crime rates, rapes, and human sex trafficking. It is obvious that the number of rapes decreases when there are legal alternatives that are more easily available. Furthermore, human sex trafficking decreases because legalized prostitution decreases the need for middle men or pimps and increases the number of prostitutes. 6. Fewer Diseases: In countries and states where prostitution is legal, the risk of sexual transmitted diseases is slower than where prostitution is illegal. This is because prostitutes have better access to doctors, medicines, sex education, and contraceptives that prevent and reduce sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as condoms. Furthermore, countries that legalize prostitution and require periodic testing for STDs have an even further lower rate of transmitting STDs. 7. Lowers unemployment: Without the illegality and stigmatism of prostitution, more people work as prostitutions. And with fewer middle men and pimps, prostitutes even earn more, thus...
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